“Out of thousands of search firms, Marie Powell and DMP Executive Search stands out and is one I can recommend without hesitation. Why? She always understands our requirements, is methodical in her approach, and delivers top candidates. As a partner, she is consistently communicative, flexible, and persistent. She delivers great service to corporate clients and is well respected by candidates. Her cost effective fee structure and her responsiveness differentiates her from traditional retained firms.”

VP, Senior Consultant

$1.7 billion publicly traded retail company with over 1,100 locations and 15,000 employees

“I have worked with most of the big named executive search firms over the past 10 years, and after working with Marie Powell, I can honestly tell you she outperforms them every time. Marie spends the time to understand the culture of your organization and learn the things that make your business tick. She takes the time to understand the primary skill set and experience you are looking for in a candidate and then goes out and finds them. Unlike the bigger search firms, Marie listens and delivers candidates that fit your profile rather than trying to sell you on people she already knows. Marie is flexible and works with you in a way that works best for you and your company. I know I can count on Marie to find qualified candidates and convince them to talk to us about our opportunity.”

SVP Human Resources

$1.5 billion publicly traded financial services company with over 900 locations and 6,000

” I have worked with Marie for over 10 years and that is a record for me with search firms! Marie is an extension of our recruiting and a great business partner. She not only recruits candidates with the appropriate experience, but she is one of the few who truly comprehends how important motivational and corporate fit is in the hiring equation. When Marie sends me a resume, I know it is someone I need to interview!”

Talent Acquisition

$200 million privately held manufacturer of shapewear and intimate apparel.

“Marie did a superb job in several searches for our company. She really took the time to learn our culture and to make sure that prospective candidates fit the culture first. Then she made a real effort to understand the job profile so that all candidates were fully qualified before she lined-up interviews with us. What really impressed me was how much attention to detail she showed to every phase of the process. Nothing fell between the cracks. Incidentally, all the searches were staffed with top-notch individuals who are doing great with the company!”

VP Human Resources

$1.2 billion publicly traded pest control company with over 400 locations and 10,000 employees

“The arduous process of finding top talent is not for the faint at heart. It requires a combination of strategy and tactical work. Meeting expectations of senior-level hiring managers can be challenging. Marie manages the entire process with a high sense of urgency, professional attitude and organization. Marie’s service equals the definition of “high touch” throughout the engagement.  Marie’s network is large and she has the ability to tap into the candidates you want. When looking for personalized support in managing the search process, DMP will serve your needs.”

Senior Director, Corporate HR

$4 billion publicly traded consumer electronics retailer with over 4,000 locations and 34,000 employees

“My experience has encompassed the need for third party recruiters on a regular basis through my 25-year Human Resources career. Julie Adams rises above and beyond any other Executive Recruiters and she has been considered an important part of our management team. She delivers top talent, in a timely manner, communicates well and has impeccable follow through. Julie has a high “presentation-to-hire” ratio with our company.”


$800M Hospitality Services Corporation